Jack Santana



Jack is a hot young straight lad who is quite happy to get his kit off for the cameras and even fuck another guy when the price is right! In his private life he loves gangbangs with girls around his age and spanking too so he isn't as angelic as he may look!

Birth 16th September
Country England
Height 5' 8" /173 cm
Weight 60 kg/ 9.4 stone/ 132 lbs
Waist 30"
Chest 36"
Cock 6.5"/ 16.5 cm uncut
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Body hair Some
Position Top
Favourite lube Booty Lube
Favourite condom Extra Safe
Turn-on's Gangbangs, girls, spanking
Favourite food Indian
Favourite drink Amaretto
Favourite music Pop
Favourite film Goodfellas
Favourite city New York
Favourite sport Football
Favourite destination Miami