Thijme Owen



Thijme is a horny Dutch guy who loves anything to do with sex! Being totally versatile he gets the best of both worlds. He stars in the FreshSX movie 'Postcard from Berlin'.

Birth 13th September
Country Dutch
Height 6'5" /196cm
Weight 73 kilos/ 11.5 stone/ 161 lbs
Waist 32"
Chest 39"
Cock 7.5"/ 19cm cut
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Body hair Shaved
Position Versatile
Favourite lube KY
Favourite condom Durex
Turn-on's Sucking, Rimming, Groups
Favourite food Italian
Favourite drink Coffee
Favourite music Alternative
Favourite film Batman
Favourite city Stockholm
Favourite sport Swimming
Favourite destination Ireland